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Southern Albania

Southern Albania

Southern Albania

The river-like body of water is the Vivari channel. It surrounds Buthrotum and is passable only via raft. You may have seen it on the BBC’s 5th Gear episode where they visited Albania to test the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mercedes S65 AMG & Bentley Mulsanne. Seeing such cars on the raft there seemed like playing with fire.

The village in the close distance is Shendelli and the one on the far left is Xare. The pyramid shaped small mountain is the Cuka e Aitoit (Eagle’s Peak) and it has been settled since ancient times. There lies the village of Ciflig which in Turkish translates as Property. After that is the village of Konispol, the shouthernmost village of Albania. Most of those villages are inhabited by Greek minorities. To cross to Greece you have to go through Qafebote’s Customs. In English it means World’s Neck. 🙂 This is the last photo from the top of Buthrotum’s Fortress.


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