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Waiting for the sunrise


Waiting for the sunrise

After a long, cold and very windy night, we woke up too early (we barely slept to be sincere).


Now I understand why old Egyptians worshiped the Sun. It warms your body and soul, it warms your heart.


Our Tents

We had built two tents, a large one and a smaller one. At the large one we were laying down like sardines. I had brought an air mattress with my but I forgot to bring a pump to fill it up. I tried with my lungs but it was an impossible task. Needless to say, we slept on the ground. It wasn’t that cold because we had brought blankets and warm clothes but the main problem was the wind. It wasn’t constantly windy, there were moments of absolute silence too. At some point, in the middle of the night, the guy next to me wakes up and says: Nick, Nick, there is someone outside!!! I knew there was no one outside because I wasn’t sleeping at all. He heard some noise and mistook it as someone walking by… We didn’t get outside to check though, no one was man enough.



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