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The following images show animal sacrifice therefore consider yourself warned. 

If you can’t sacrifice your own sheep or ram, you can buy one up here. Conditions in which the animals are kept, are not that good. Animals are also under constant stress since every minute there are sheep being slaughtered in open areas.


The view behind the hedge reminds the holocaust or the massacres of ISIS. Hundreds of animals get slaughtered each day and all their innards are just thrown down there. It smells like death and God knows what happens after Sunday when people leave the holy shrine for another year. I guess there begins the vultures feast.


The ritual demands blood and that you shall slaughter your own animal. That means no one feels responsible for the mess they leave behind. On the other hand, even if they want to clean up the mess, there are no garbage bins or whatever. Irresponsibility begins from the local government.


An artistic impression of the situation.


Someone slaughtered a lamb at the shrine’s inner yard, on the east side. Maybe you must face the rising sun before you do the deed… Maybe, deep inside our subconsciousness, sun is the one true god.


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