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Old Churches in Voskopoje, Korce, Albania

I wish I could write the names of each church in particular but my memory is not that good. The best thing is that those churches are well preserved except one that was in ruins. The icons are scratched or overwritten with names and dates by soldiers or youngsters during communism while their faces are erased or heavily scratched from Muslims because their religion says that no one should  worship icons and statues except the one true god. Whatever me and you may believe in, your heart aches when you see such historical treasures abused and destroyed. At least people are becoming conscientious that such practices are not welcomed in the 21st century.

Albeit some of the churches were closed, you can find open ones and you can enter and have a look around. Photos are prohibited but you can take some, as long as you don’t try to look like the trigger happy photographer.

If there is enough interest, I can arrange a tour of Voskopoje starting from Tirana and back. 🙂


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