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German Bird


Met this fella in Hamburg, he stared at me with his hands behind his back  and gave me the “WTF Do You Want” look. I promptly apologized, took a photo of him and continued on my way.

Seriously though, some of the most good looking girls I’ve met this year were from Germany 😉 (more…)


A squirrel in the wild


First time I see a squirrel in the wild, in my country. Although I was born in a city, I’ve been many times in small forests but never been able to encounter one. I also lived in Athens, and even there are no squirrels around in urban areas. On the opposite, in London for example, plenty of squirrels, foxes and other wild animals around, in parks or in house gardens. Well, I feel lucky I saw and was able to take a photo of this little fella.

Bunny sex balloon

Do you remember Yuki, my white pet rabbit? He’s growing older and instincts get over him sometimes. This short video shows the moment Yuki thinks that mating with a balloon is a good idea.



Sad day for this old world snake. Javelin Sand Boa, giving his last breath somewhere between Ksamil and the Dry Tree, the closest point between Albania and Corfu. It must have been hit by a car minutes before I found it. Took it on the side of the road but when I checked a couple of days later, it was already decomposing. 😦

Spiders small collection

The rest of the spiders, in a small canvas. I hope you like ’em.



A female (bottom) and a male (top) damselfly.



Watching her back is hypnotizing. Another alien head on my book.



Alien head dragonfly is nightmare fuel.

Baby Llama


Someone let the cage open…

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

A majestic bird, unfortunately photographed at the least place it would want to be, in a cage.