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Tirana by night


Not much going on tonight. What you see on these photos is the fountain of Taiwan, a recreational center in the heart of Tirana, within Youth Park or Parku Rinia. The park itself, once home to hundreds of trees, became home of more than a couple dozen of tin shanties during the mid ’90s. Thanks to then mayor’s persistence (now PM), the park was freed from all the craziness of this lawlessness and the remaining trees started breathing air again. Unfortunately the park is nowhere near its former glory but let’s say it is on the right track.

Now, a funny story about the middle building on the background. First, it is against the law. It sits next to the Swiss Embassy and the Albanian law prohibits buildings of more than 4 floors when they share the same fence with a foreign embassy. Second, it is against the building guidelines since it does not posses an underground parking. It doesn’t have parking at all. Third, its owners were in such a hurry finishing its construction that they forgot about the elevator shaft. Can you fucking believe that? I used to work at the low building next to it and we had to listen to their jackhammers all day for a whole week while they were opening a new elevator shaft from the top floor to the ground floor. To be fair though, the owners weren’t the brightest tools in the shed, if you catch my drift. Violent and scary people, like straight out of a cave. I almost forgot, it’s also too close to the building on its right and that is against the law. So, in all its greatness, this is how we used to fuck the law from all holes here in Albania until recently. If it happened 70 meters far from PM’s office, imagine what has happened in other cities. Now it’s getting better but the pace is toooooooo slooooooow but let’s discuss it in another thread.

I’m sorry my post got dark pretty soon but as you see on the photos, the sun is setting. If you ever visit Tirana, stop by Taiwan for a coffee and if it’s summer evening, the water flow on the fountain follows the rhythm of operas playing on the background. A truly relaxing experience.


Rainy Sunshine

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Lighting conditions you don’t get to see everyday. Also, new buildings have popped up since the last time I posted the view from my balcony.

Good morning Tirana


Quick, capture the clouds, before they dissolve into thin air…

Tirana dressed up for holidays

The decorations this year feel different, you can really see they’ve put more effort than the previous guys. This year the Parks & Recreation Department is being heard, if they really existed until last year.

Happy Holidays.

Baby Llama


Someone let the cage open…

It’s gonna rain again

Eclipse as seen from Tirana


Eclipse as seen from Tirana, 20 March 2015

Still feels like Autumn

Still feels like Autumn

Smoke in the sky

Smoke in the sky

Smoke in the sky

Nothing serious, perhaps burning plastic or tires. Last time there was smoking in the sky, it was in 2008. Bad times… I remember I was at my fiancee’s house, laying on the bed (doing nothing actually). Suddenly a thunder like sound and earthquake like tremors swept through for a fraction of a second. A couple of minutes later all TV stations stopped broadcasting their regular programs and there were breaking news about a large explosion some 15 km away.

Long story short, some 21 year old guy from The States had won a contract with Pentagon to supply Afghan troops with ammunition. Sneaky motherfucker that he was, came here and bought Chinese and Soviet ammunition that was being prepared for dismantling. And funny thing is that US forces had contributed monetary for the dismantling process. So, this guy and his Albanian counterparts (including ex PM’s son) would sell to Pentagon the same ammunition Pentagon was paying Albanians to dismantle. Also, there is some sort of embargo against using Chinese and Soviet ammunition for American purposes. So they would repack it as Made In Albania and fly it to Afghanistan.

All this process was uncovered from a partner of the American guy, whom they pushed outside the business. Some time later he was found dead in an hunting accident but it is clear he got executed from ex PM’s people.

This was a black page in Albania’s history and the now-PM vowed to make things right. Unfortunately that was a political stunt and now, 7 years later, together with 26 souls, everything lays under the dusty mantle of  forgetfulness…

BunkArt – Conference Hall

Conference Room

“The aim of bourgeois-revisionist television is mass degeneration.”

Conference Room

Conference Room

This conference room was quite spacious, considering that you are underground and you have to traverse seemingly endless tunnels. The colored domes on the scene are bunker replicas. The hall has been used this New Year’s eve for a TV show. Acoustics are not bad and the temperature is constant. Air vents are fully restored and if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, you should totally visit BunkArt.